FSV-Transportation Day in Marriott Hotel

FSV-Transportation Day is Austrians most important event dealing with  traffic and transport  infrastructure and takes place every year in Vienna. It is a favourite of experts and is attended by a great number of transportation decision makers, offering an ideal platform for both exchanging knowledge and networking.


RVS subscription in ENGLISH

The Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport (Forschungsgesellschaft Straße-Schiene-Verkehr, FSV) as standards writing organization is mainly working in creating and editing guidelines and regulations in the fields of transportation and infrastructure.
As a consequence, some RVS are also offered in English language, translations into English are going on.


PIARC Austria celebrated its 50th anniversary

On 14th November 2023 the Austrian National Committee of the World Road Association PIARC celebrated its 50th anniversary and thanked for decades of support and cooperation.


FSV-Dictionary Transportation & Infrastructure

In January 2021 the Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport has presented a new Dictionary Transportation & Infrastructure German-English, English-German with more than 6.000 translated terms from German to English taken from the Guidelines for Planning, Construction and Maintenance of Roads (RVS) and their additional publications. The translation of transportation specific terms is standardized with this dictionary for the use in future international projects and processes.



PIARC and FSV are partners in spreading new knowledge, experiences and developments in fields of transportation and infrastructure. In September 2021 the newsletter N ° 99 by PIARC was sent to its readers.



FSV-Award 2023 in November 2023

Together with the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, the Austrian Research Association for Roads, Railways and Transport (FSV) presents the FSV-Award yearly in November in order to encourage university graduates.
We give them the opportunity to present their work to a bigger audience and receive some financial compensation if their work is worthy of the award.


FSV was at the WRC 2023

The FSV was taking part of the World Road Congress 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic. The WRC was hold between 2nd and 6th October 2023.


new Publications

RVS 08.03.01 "Earthworks" (english)

This RVS is to be applied for earthworks on traffic routes (road and railway constructions) and includes the construction of embankments, line trenches and side-cuts.


RVS 03.02.13 "Bicycle Traffic" (english)

This RVS is to be used for the new construction and redesign of all public traffic areas approved for cycle traffic. Redesign implies changes to the alignment or modification of cross-sectional elements on an existing road that is expected to have a significant impact on the use of that road (e.g., in terms of changed travel speeds, traffic volume and composition, or performance).